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March 2019
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 okm guys this ain;t a new topic its about acc sharing

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Number of posts : 45
Registration date : 2008-09-18

PostSubject: okm guys this ain;t a new topic its about acc sharing   Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:03 am

i just read all the sht about ancient hacking masters acc (guys this isn;t true as i was given masters acc by masters m8 larry apparently without james knowing about it and i thougtht it was james who did it. Now all is fixed as off today sharky also knows all the bs we went threw to fix this problem
NO1 from now on if some 1 sells account they don;t get it back no matter what this idea i do not like but it might make ppl think twice about sharing
no2 this 1 i do like and its if ppl share there acc and some 1 wants to sell it we have to get both ppl on that acc to say so that way acc will be reliquished without any hassles like we had this morning and this means give all pass words to that acc not just for game or the web site this is just an idea would like ppls thoughts on this as if we don;t fix it the sht will hit the fan big time
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Number of posts : 14
Registration date : 2008-09-06

PostSubject: Re: okm guys this ain;t a new topic its about acc sharing   Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:16 pm

erm am abit sketchy about shared acc and ppl knowin each ovas passwords 2 be honest unless u can trust them 110% i suggest u keep acc details to yaself but red is ryt unless we cum up wiv sum kind of system on this subject it cud get nasty as i know frm my exp sum sold 1 of my acc wivout me knowin and there was nowt i cud do about it!

And guys i know u all know all ready but plz keep remember to vote the higher we are the more active the server will be and we can start building on an even betta community

Thanx GMImpale
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okm guys this ain;t a new topic its about acc sharing
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