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February 2019
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 [AD]The Lord of Mu - Hardcore Server - S6.3 - XP: 100,150,200 - RR: on, SS: off

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PostSubject: [AD]The Lord of Mu - Hardcore Server - S6.3 - XP: 100,150,200 - RR: on, SS: off   Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:26 pm

The Lord of Mu
Season 6 Episode 3


The Lord of Mu (0.0.04) - No sound & music:!JwgRFZKI!i4E_fK...lq9AFHoz77d0Oo
Sound & music: #!UwowCQCA!qMQmlG...G4EkRxhMHGIc9s

The main goal is to serve as an actual long term server with resets enabled.
All the monsters have been strengthened, all the items have been altered and so have the skills.
Beginner items are now actually valuable as the droplevel of all the items have been changed
in relation to the amount of items and monsters there are in The Lord of Mu.
As an example; Scale armor drops from monsters who used to drop Dragon armor,
but Scale armor is now as strong Dragon used to be.
Following that logic, Dragon is also a lot better.

This prevents people only wearing late game items. You won't be able kill the stronger monsters and thus wearing late game items without some amount of resets and improved early game items.

Single Player: 100
Party: 150
Event: 200
Experience in party increases when the amount of party members increase. It also depends on the variety of classes.

Drop rates
Item drop rate: 5%
Zen drop rate: 7%
Monster health: In relation to the health of the strongest monster ingame and other monster levels.

Items, Skills:
All items and skills have been improved.

Stats removed
0- 1 resets: 1000 points after reset
2 -5 resets: 500 points after reset
6-25 resets: 250 points after reset
26-100 resets: 200 points after reset
101-500 resets: 150 points after reset
501-5000 resets: 100 points after reset
5001-9999 resets: 50 points after reset

Dark Knight, Elf, Dark Wizard, Magic Gladiator, Summoner, Dark Lord, Rage Fighter

The three basic characters have been improved.

Dark knight:
Min damage: 17% increase (x1.17)
Max damage: 100% increase (x2)

Dark Wizard:
Min damage: 33% increase (x1.33)
Max damage: 25% increase (x1.25)

Defense buff level multiplier: 33% increase (x1.33)
Defense buff energy division: 100% decrease (x0.5)

Attack buff level multiplier: 0% increase (x1)
Attack buff energy division: 43% decrease (x0.57)

Max level: 400
Strength: 65000
Agility: 65000
Stamina: 65000
Energy: 65000
Command: 65000

Items in shop:
Ale, Olive of love, Town portal scroll

Leather, pad, vine set + 0 + 0
Small shield + 0 + 0
Small axe + 0 + skill
Small bow + 0 + skill
Skull staff + 0 + 0
Scroll of Fireball
Scroll of Power Wave
Scroll of Lightning
Orb of health, defence, attack
Arrows and bolts

Silver Key (Sealed silver box drops)
Silver Box
Guardian Angel
Horn of Uniria
Orb of Impale

Small Wings (Devil, Heaven, Elf)

New features:
Level 150 quest now gives 400 bonus stats.
1st part +200 & 2nd part +200.

Dinorant Fire Breath skill can now be used by every class.
Fire Breath has also been improved by 1000%.
Impale skill (precursor) has been improved by 1666%.

In Lorencia bar, you can now:
Trade 10 Bless for 1 Soul.
Trade 10 Soul for 1 Chaos.
Trade 5 Hearts for 1 Soul.


Energy Elf
All the summoning monsters are replaced by better monsters. Now it's possible to play alone as an energy elf.

Hunter Jewel | 100 energy

Ghost Jewel | 300 energy

Shadow Jewel | 500 energy

Devil Jewel | 700 energy

Bloody Wolf Jewel | 900 energy

Beam Knight Jewel | 1100 energy

Alpha Crust Jewel | 1300 energy

Currently enabled events, they will all be enabled eventually!

Blood Castle
Date: Everyday

Devil Square
Date: Everyday

Date: Everyday
Time: 13:01, 17:01, 21:01, 01:01, 05:01, 09:01
Location: Noria
Description: Tumble down the rabbit hole near all blue colored plants. Lucky ones will be rewarded one or more beginner excellent items.

Golden Invasion
Date: Everyday
Time: 13:15, 19:15, 01:15, 07:15
Location: Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Atlans, Tarkan
Description: If you're strong enough to defeat one of these monsters you'll be awarded a Box of Kundun.

White Wizard Invasion
Date: Everyday
Time: 05:00, 11:00, 17:00, 23:00
Location: Lorencia, Noria, Devias
Description: The White Wizard and a horde of orcs is trying to invade pieceful territory. It is wise to avoid being in its presence.

Sky Event
Date: Everyday
Time: 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 23:00, 02:00, 05:00, 08:00, 11:00
Location: Icarus skies
Description: When the Sky Event is announced go the Cherry Blossom Spirit in Devias. Make sure you are in possession of the required invitation star.
Level requirement:

You can now buy Small Wings for 10 000 000 zen.

If you think that is too much, then you need to grow a pair of balls.
This server is hardcore, longterm and not for the faint of heart.

You have a mu helper for a reason, use it. Five years ago there was no autopicker and fighter. Or you had to use cheats.

There also was a lack of beginner items for puny players back then. We used to play the game, not ask for for items or easier gameplay.
I'm done answering every little request of players who can't handle real games, like they used to be. No matter how friendly you are, the moment you start a server, you immediately owe everyone everything.
If this sound a little harsh from some, or scares people away, I don't care. The reason I started this server was not to make it easy for noobs.
If there aren't any real Mu Online players anymore, who want a challenge, then this project has failed, and I have nothing to regret.

Stop being pussy.

Anyway, you can buy the wings at the following locations:

If you can't find these NPC's, then fuck you.

Boss monsters droprate is now 100%
But their health and attack is increased together with their spawn rate.
Other boss monsters will be mentioned here too.

Ice Queen: spawn 15 minutes, droprate 25%

Gorgon: spawn 30 minutes, droprate 50%

Balrog: spawn 60 minutes, droprate 100%

Hydra: spawn 60 minutes, droprate 100%

Zaikan: spawn 60 minutes, droprate 100%

Death Beam Knight: spawn 120 minutes, droprate 100%

Phoenix of Darkness: spawn 240 minutes, droprate 100%

Back story:
After twelve years of Mu, coming back each year with hopes of finding a good server, I returned disappointed.
Barely any server shines light on exploring the environments and playing together in parties.
Isn't that the reason what makes an mmorpg worthwhile? Creating a fantasy and living it in company.

Still reminiscing about the first global version, when a heliacal sword + skill was invaluable,
I decided to give myself the challenge of starting my own server.
The focus being playing together, the market and to bring back the fantasy.

Do current players even know Mu is based on The Lord of the Rings? Years after playing Mu the first time,
The Lord of the Rings entered my top movie list.
To this day I haven't seen a movie that exceeds the sensation of adventure. The latter also increased my love for Mu.
It's the only mmorpg, next to Rose Online, that could make me feel like being on an adventure and that's the main drive behind my continuous returns.
Anyway, back to topic.

It would mean a lot if this server succeeds in giving the described feeling to players.
Hard to get items thrown by hard to beat monsters is the key to providing the above.
The economy will flourish due to the following reasons:

All items will have value because barely nothing is sold by NPC's.
Bless can indirectly be acquired trough NPC's so zen is necessary.
Donations don't buy advantages, merely aesthetic extravaganza's.

Joy in playing will be long term and surge:

As a kid, what good feeling remained the longest; the longing after or the receiving of a new toy.
"The chase is better than the catch."
Increased monster difficulty drastically impacts the need of a party. Surpassing an obstacle together is more rewarding than alone.
Being in a party increases the experience.

The above checklist will certainly be expanded. Feel free to enlighten me with idea's or remarks.
Have a premium time!
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[AD]The Lord of Mu - Hardcore Server - S6.3 - XP: 100,150,200 - RR: on, SS: off
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